About the competition

The Competition has one round. In category I (children’s ensembles), the program should up to 10 minutes in categories I “A” and I “B” and up to 15 minutes in categories I “C” and I “D;” in category II (college students) - up to 20 minutes; in category III (teacher and student) – up to 15 minutes; in category IV (teachers’ duos) – up to 20 minutes. It is allowed to perform individual movements of a multi-movement composition, as well as the entire composition, if it fits within the time limit. In all categories, it is required that a piece from the classic or romantic period is included in the program. Programs may only include original works written for piano ensemble (four, six or eight hands or two pianos) as well as published arrangements. Performance of arrangements of works for piano and orchestra is not allowed. Arrangements of jazz or popular pieces are not allowed. Two-pianos arrangements of pieces originally written for four hands are not allowed. Performance is allowed both by heart and with sheet music.

The Urals International Piano Duos Competition in Memory of A.G.Bakhchiev «Dialogues at the Piano» is held with the purpose of the development of performing art of the piano students, stimulating their interest in the world cultural heritage, identification, support and promotion of gifted piano students.

The Competition is also aimed at perfecting teaching and performing skills of piano teachers, in particular through creative discussions and sharing experience in the area of teaching piano; preserve and develop traditions of duo performance; disseminate and promote classical Russian and European, as well as modern music for piano ensemble.

Category I - piano duos of students of music schools and art schools for children, as well as special music schools.

       I «А» – Category I “A” – through age 9;

       I «В» – Category I “B” – ages 10 to 11;

       I «С» – Category I “C” – ages 12 to 13;

       I «D» – Category I “D” – ages 14 to 16;

Category II - piano duos of students of junior colleges of music, conservatories, and music departments of universities.

Category III  «“Teacher and student” – students and teachers at music schools, art schools for children, and special music schools.

Category IV - piano duos of teachers at music schools, art schools for children, and special music schools.

In 2021, the competition is held in a remote format.Videos are provided as links to the YouTube video hosting service.



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