About Alexander Bakhchiev

Alexander Bakhchiev graduated from the Piano program of the Moscow Conservatory in 1953 (studio of professor V.N. Argamakov, assistant — I.R. Klyachko) and from its graduate program in 1956 (studio of professor L.N. Oborin). In 1968 he formed a piano duo with his wife Elena Sorokina.

In 1989, A. Bakhchiev and E. Sorokina were elected presidents of the National Association of Piano Duos. The Association organized and held numerous duo competitions and festivals.

The name of People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Bakhchiev is associated with the best traditions of Russian piano culture. Bakhchiev can be considered a successor of K. Igumnov’s piano school: all his outstanding professors — I.R. Klyachko, V.N. Argamakov and L.N. Oborin — had been Igumnov’s students. Everything done by this amazing man was animated by his boundless love for music and people.

A.G. Bakhchiev was a participant of many Russian and international festivals. A significant part of his repertoire included rarely performed pieces by the Russian and European composers of various eras.

For more than three decades A. Bakhchiev performed in a duo with pianist Elena Sorokina.

A. Bakhchiev was head and member of juries at various competitions. He paid special attention to children’s competitions and festivals, heading the juries at the All-Russian M.I. Glinka Competition in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg International Competition «Brother and Sister», and others; gave master-classes within the framework of the «New names» program.

Students and teachers of our school have been fortunate to have creative interaction with the Masters E.G. Sorokina and A.G. Bakhchiev. Their consultations and master-classes were of significant help in our work with piano ensembles and gave a huge creative impetus for further work. They generously shared with us secrets of their mastery, charging us with their creative energy and huge interest to ensemble playing.

Ekaterinburg was home to wonderful international festivals of piano duos, where Bakhchiev and Sorokina duo was a highlight. Philharmonic concerts with their participation were special events for professional musicians and music amateurs. Their performance was always marked by refinement, sophistication, immaculate taste, sense of style, and warmth.

S.A. Vygotskaya, teacher of Children’s M.I. Glinka School of Music No. 2,
Honored worker of culture of Russia.